Restorative Dental Care in La Porte at Maher Dental Center

While preventive dentistry is important, restoring your teeth after cavities and other dental problems have compromised your dentition are equally important components to a healthy smile. At Maher Dental Center of La Porte, Dr. Gayla Maher and Dr. Lawrence Maher offer a number of tailored restorative dental treatments designed to improve health, wellness, and dental aesthetics to your smile. 

The Importance of Restoring Your Smile

Wear and tear on your smile is normal and natural. However, minor wear still damages teeth, weakening their strength. When combined with poor dental hygiene and missed dental cleanings, individuals can put themselves at risk of developing serious oral health problems, such as gum disease, cavities, tooth infections, and abscesses. These conditions not only impact the dentition – they also compromise the overall health of the body and can potentially lead to infection in vital organs. 

While prevention always starts with routine dental visits and at-home hygiene routines, restoring teeth after damage has occurred is an equally important method of protecting the health of the body. Whether that means filling a small cavity or comprehensively replacing an arch with a denture or partial denture, our La Porte dentists are committed to helping you find a solution that produces lasting results. 

Restoring your Smile at Maher Dental Center

At our La Porte family dental practice, we believe that comprehensive yet conservative restorations are critical to help patients of all ages regain a healthy smile. Rather than potentially compromising the long-term health of your smile with unnecessary treatments, our goal is to thoroughly address the cause of the problem so you never have to worry about recurring problems. During your restoration visit, we use assess the overall health of your smile as well as discuss your unique aesthetic goals in order to create a treatment plan that meets all of your smile’s needs. 

Once we’ve identified the cause of your dental issue, we work on creating the right restoration for your smile. Based on your health needs, your specific treatment plan may include one or more of the following restorative options:

- Full or partial dentures for multiple tooth replacement
- Composite or amalgam fillings for filling cracks, fractures, and cavities
- Bridges for replacing one or two missing teeth
- Crowns for reinforcing damaged teeth or restoring teeth after a root canal

Our La Porte dental family is committed to providing every patient with quality care in a comfortable environment. By staying up to date with the latest dental techniques and technologies, Dr. Gayla and Dr. Lawrence are able ensure every patients receives the care they deserve. 

Learn More Today about Restoration Options in La Porte

Maher Dental Center is proud to welcome families through the greater La Porte communities, including the cities of Deer Park, Pasadena, and Seabrook. To learn more about restoring your smile, contact our family dental team today. 


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